Saturday, 28 July 2012

Review: Assassin Study

Short 1.5 for the Study Series (there for contains spoilers for the first book)

Yelena, the heroine of Maria V. Snyder's stunning debut novel Poison Study, is on her way to her ancestral homeland of Sitia to be reunited with her family and to learn more about her magical powers. An order of execution hangs over her head should she ever return to Ixia. But her true love, Valek, quickly learns that an assassin has taken it upon himself to make sure Yelena doesn't reach her destination.

As Ixia's chief of security, and a highly skilled assassin himself, can Valek track down the killer in time to save Yelena's life?

After finishing Magic Study I was itching to read more of Snyder's wonderful writing. Assassin Study was set before Magic Study but I loved the chance of seeing into Valek's thoughts. This little short is cute and sweet, showing us how Valek is dealing with Yelena's absence. 

On a journey to save Yelena from an assassin, this little treasure from Snyder was a great read. I loved her twists and turns, even though the story was short, there was still some surprises. If you've read Poison Study and love Valek, this would be an enjoyable read.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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